You Know You Have Been In Government Too Long When... equate the government choosing not to provide a service with that service being banned.  Michael Cannon quotes our Speaker of the House:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's understanding of government's role in a
liberal democracy (and of the veto power) may be worse than I thought. A reporter sends a transcript of a press conference that Pelosi held yesterday, where she made the following remarks:

Oh, [President Bush] used the veto pen to veto the stem
cell research bill.  That was a major disappointment. . . . I remember
that veto very well because he was saying, "I forbid science to proceed
to improve the health of the American people."

Regarding Bush's threatened veto of the Democrats' expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program:

The President is saying, "I forbid 10 million children
in America to have health care." You know from your Latin that is what
"veto" means.

Pelosi should know that there is a difference between the government not funding something and forbidding it.


  1. Jody:

    Is that outlook a function of her tenure or her ideology?

  2. Thibodeaux:

    If you consider that Pelosi probably thinks that ONLY the government should be providing "health care" and research, then it's not too surprising.

  3. somebody:

    Like Ron Paul says, the current Washington atmosphere is all about either banning it or subsidizing it. No room for free choice.

  4. Craig:

    Pelosi has showed many times that she's a dim bulb.