Irony Watch

Via TJIC, really needs no comment:



  1. Some guy:

    Two words: Laugh riot.

  2. la petite chou chou:

    Oregon does EVERYTHING backwards.

  3. Moriarty:

    An interesting sidenote: The funds sought are ostensibly earmarked for "public safety," that is, law enforcement. Years ago, in a criminology course, my professor predicted that eventually people would recognize that they were getting "very little bang for their buck" in tax dollars spent on law enforcement. Now, in the wake of innumerable SWAT raids gone wrong, a spate of recent YouTube vids and a website (see the "Above the Law" post below) detailing police excess and corruption, perhaps voters are getting fed up.

    A recent tax increase referendum to fund local law enforcement went down by a wide margin, despite aggressive campaigning by the county and a personal plea from the Sheriff. Maybe the worm is finally turning.