Bundle of Joy

Yet another weird SF Fan makes a great point:

On the one hand, there's a movement (actual example here) to eliminate "bundling" in the cable industry (selling access to all of some medium instead of dividing it into pieces).

On the other hand, other people are worried about the possible lack of bundling if net neutrality isn't mandatory.

Is a debate called for? Or is it a matter of "anything capitalists do is wrong"?

He links Megan McArdle whose post quotes extensively from ... me!

One Comment

  1. Allen:

    Channels can and some are doing some of this "unbundling" on the internet. For example, you don't need cable or dish to get Setanta, you can get it direct from them off their web site. Sure, the tech isn't quite there for it to be the exact same but it's getting there.

    Too bad the industry can't figure out what channels an individual wants. Then they could use the ol' "buy 7 and get one free" schpeel.