You Gotta Love NPR

You have to love NPR.  On Friday, I was on a lunchtime errand and heard the begging on Science Friday.  Apparently it was inventors week, and the intro promised the next hour might "change the life" of aspiring inventors in the audience who are struggling with getting patents and monetizing their inventions.

Then, after this intro, the show spent the next half hour interviewing an professor at MIT who specializes in non-profit development of low-tech solutions to 3rd world problems.  LOL.  The woman was certainly interesting, but had about zero to offer on the topic at hand.  I guees NPR just couldn't actually bring itself to talk about monetizing inventions in the good old capitalist US without first spending a good hunk of the show on selfless innovation to solve third-world environmental issues.


  1. Walter E. Wallis, P.E.:

    My solution to half the 3rd world problems - 1500 watts per hut. Wok food instead of smokey firewood or dung, boil water to kill bugs, operate edtv.

  2. TCO:

    You failed to mention the breathy efeminate tone that they talk in. Or the middlebrow examination of topics that makes lightweights think they are being intellectual.

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