Tune Every Heart and Every Voice

We're number one, again.

              Tiger, tiger, tiger
              Sis, sis, sis,
              Boom, boom, boom, ah!
              Princeton! Princeton! Princeton!


  1. dearieme:

    A list that puts Duke, home of anti-lacrosse fascism, in the top 10. Hm.

  2. delurking:

    bid every care withdraw

    It's good to win the random top-5 reshuffling every so often, eh?

  3. Travis:

    Any school that harbors Paul Krugman can hardly be number 1 in anything but statist BS.


  4. TigerHawk:

    What class?


  5. rox_publius:

    i think the more appropriate cheer might be...




    clap clap clap

    (yeah, i have private school loans and a state school diploma, so i'm bitter. what's your point?)

  6. Randy in Arizona:

    I would be rather interested to see what disciplines the graduates majored in, and how many of them are gainfully employed in their fields after 3 years.

    Underwater basket weavers might ace their classes, but who needs them?

    Many students labour long and hard to get their degrees, only to find that their chosen field is a crock of feces. they then either return to school or end up doing something outside their field. A friend of mine with an Anthropology degree was making pizza the last I heard of him.

    Void, where are you?