Home Improvement Hobsons Choice

Paraphrasing a famous saying, if you are not busy improving your home, it is busy falling apart.  So my wife and I, though our usual consensus building process** have decided to redo my daughter's room.  My wife offers me this bargain:  Honey, if you get all the furniture out of the way, and put down plastic, and do all the taping, I will paint the room.  Does anyone else sense that this is similar to saying "honey, if you marinate everything and chop everything in advance and do all the cleanup, I will cook dinner?"

Anyway, I took the deal, knowing that in fact my only real alternative to the offered bargain was the implied "or you could just do it all yourself."

** Marital consensus process:

Wife:  What is you first priority for our next home project
me:  I'd like to finally build that hobby room and studio
w:  I think we need to fix up our daughter's bedroom
me:  Or maybe we could fix up the patio
w:  I think we need to fix up our daughter's bedroom
me:  uh, okay, let's do the bedroom


  1. Coyote little sis:

    For those who don't know, Warren's wife Kate is truly one of the most creative and talented people around. And she has cojones. Quite a combo!! Good luck, my dear brother.

  2. James R Ament:

    Coyote little sis,

    I certainly don't know them but it was assumed... no man in his right mind would post such a thing if there were not an equal relationship of talented people, inherently respectful of each other and filled with humor. I like to think that after 37 years of marriage I have something similar... and I would have agreed, via mutual "consensus," to do the daughter's bedroom first as well.

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