Great Moments In Personal Responsibility

Via Overlawyered:

Score another one for personal responsibility: 29-year old St. Louis
Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock killed himself in April when he drove --
faster than the speed limit, drunk, on a cell phone, and not wearing a
seat belt -- into a tow truck stopped on the side of a road. Obviously,
we ought to blame... everyone except Josh Hancock for this. Three and a
half weeks after the accident, his father has filed suit
in St. Louis against: the restaurant where Hancock was drinking, the
manager of the restaurant, the tow truck driver, the towing company,
and (!) the driver of the stalled vehicle that the tow truck was
assisting, for having the temerity to get his car stuck on the side of
the road.

So far, he hasn't sued the Cardinals or Major League Baseball, but, while praising the team, his lawyer pointedly refused to rule out suing them.


  1. dearieme:

    So modest. Why not Opus Dei, the Elders of Zion and Queen Elizabeth?

  2. Phil:

    Not saying it's right, but isn't it standard practice to sue everybody and their dog to maximize the chance of getting a settlement?

  3. Matthew Brown:

    Of course, if the lawsuits against anyone except the restaurant actually ever get to court, who's betting that the defense isn't allowed to mention the fact that the guy was drunk as a skunk and that intoxication was 99.99999% to blame? Because it might 'unfairly prejudice the jury'.