I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

I don't think CBS understands the word "plagiarism."  Apparently, they are arguing that Katie Couric is not guilty of plagiarism because her on-air diary about her personal thoughts on her own life experiences was ... not written by her and she apparently never saw it or discussed it before she read it on-air.  It was those other writers who are at fault for wholesale lifting from a WSJ piece.  Apparently Couric's portrayal of other people's experiences written down by third-party writers as her own work and own life is A-OK.


  1. markm:

    That's right. Her writers are plagiarists. Claiming their stories are her own experiences is fraud. It's only better in the narrow legal sense that her writers could go to jail, but she won't because it's hard to identify people specifically hurt by her fraud.

  2. Jens:

    Yes, to be fair there is no evidence to accuse Couric of being a plagiarist. Just a liar.