I am So Disapointed

Maggies Farm reports that their site is banned in China.  I tested Coyote Blog at the same site they used.  And much to my chagrin, I am available in China.  I guess I am not trying hard enough. 


  1. triticale:

    I figured I'd be beneath their notice, but I thought the mu.nu servers which host a few more visible conservative and libertarian sites might be collectively blocked. I guess Ace of Spades and Rusty Shackleford will have to try harder...

  2. Patrick:

    I'm not sure what to make of what they're blocking. I checked out my kids competitive swim team (www.scottsdaleswim.com) and it was blocked. I'm struggling to figure out how the weekly schedule and musings on competitive swimming could be objectionable.

  3. apotheon:

    It's prone to error. Try again about another half-dozen times, and see how often you succeed or fail. Out of the first four tries, my own weblog was listed as blocked 50% of the time. I think the Great Firewall of China might actually be causing timeouts even on sites that aren't blocked or otherwise affected.

    I'm pretty sure that with CoyoteBlog's Google PageRank of 6, and SOB's PR of 5, we're not even on China's radar (so to speak). My guess is that it takes an 8 or so, and/or specific incidents that come to their attention, to get blocked by the national firewall.

    Check out the mass of links on the main page. Hover over some -- they'll show percentages. It's entirely possible that only those that show up as 100% are actually blocked, and even some of those might be just really "lucky" on false positives.

    I'm speculating my behind off, of course, but that's my thought on the matter.

  4. bird dog:

    re Maggie's, my guess is that the company that is doing their blocking is not doing it on any individual basis, but blocking sites en masse.

  5. Michael Neibel:

    I checked my site Mike's Eyes and it said It's still available. I have had 3 or 4 visits from China in the last 3 weeks which I consider a good thing. Then again my blog is small so maybe they just don't see it as a threat.