Hawaii 5-0 on DVD

I am thrilled to have Hawaii 5-0 on DVD.  I remembered it as my favorite TV crime drama ever, and so far, it is holding up very well.  A couple of other observations:

  • Whether you like the show or not, I think it is nearly indisputable that Hawaii 5-0 has the best intro of any TV series ever made.  Mission: Impossible is pretty good, but I never liked the practice of having scenes from the days show in the intro.
  • I am watching show 4 or so of the first season, and they have Ricardo Montalban playing a Japanese man.  Never has a Caucasian looked less like a Japanese man since Sean Connery when he was supposed to have been surgically altered to be Japanese in You Only Live Twice.  [check out Montalban's linked videography - in the last 60's and 70's he was on nearly every TV show I can remember]


  1. Pam McCaughey:

    I LOVED Hawaii 5-0 and just bought the first season on DVD - except for some dated things, I found the show still very topical - and the episodes with references to VietNam could be remade today with the references to Afghanistan or Iraq. Jack Lord et al still look fabulous and the Hawaiian scenery is to die for!

  2. roger:

    The natural-light for many beach scenes and outdoor shots make this more a Tourism promo
    in the guise of a great Cop drama/Action Tv show.
    Many of the places and extras were locals and it seemed more believable and the fact that average looking people were victims it helped to build an attachment to them and understand the Social structure and Income divide for buying Justice.
    Even in a episode of South Park one of the kids refers to the Kiddie-Cops as 5-0H , Magnum P.I. owes its success to Jack Lord and the opening of the TV business in CA. to producing a show solely outside of Continential America with few career actors and local workers while relying on Location-Shoots with almost zero props except for stunt action and falls.
    Hawaiian Eye was short lived and during the B/W tv era, but 5-0 had improved Colour TV standards and some Cable TV feed for sharper pictures from the vacumm-tube free sets as the prices came down .
    I remember this show because we got our first Colour TV which attracted some kids to see a actual Show and it was 5-0 that had the best intro Theme by the Ventures and Video that still stands up to todays standards in musical videos.
    I glad Steve got the luxury Mercury as a head Cop rather than the Pilot episode with the cheap 2-dr fastback that had red vinyl interior , the show also had the Police version of a Galaxie-500 which was a bare-bones 4dr hardtop but had the high performance 6.5 litre v8 .

    XLNT show and YES, I'm a fan big-time .