Do I Really Have To Listen to This

I'm am currently listening to a ski resort guy talking about climate.  I can feel his pain, as spring temperatures have certainly warmed in the mountains of California, hurting the ski industry.  Whether that is from CO2, cyclical variations, or changing output from the sun is a complicated question.  I read a lot about climate, and try to be thoughtful about it.  But, do I really have to be lectured to by someone who is lamenting CO2 emissions that are destroying the ozone layer?


  1. steep:

    Yes, you do have to listen to it.
    Personally, I look forward to a warming
    future and welcome our new Plantae
    overlords and their oxygen-rich
    waste products.

  2. Craig:

    How much does this guy's ski resort rely on destination skiers? If so, then they are partially to blame for CO2 releases. Why don't they ban out-of-state skiers and allow only locals in? That will help reduce CO2 emissions.