The Bizarro World of Health Care

Can you imagine any other product or service you buy for which you would have to sign this release, which was part of my health insurance application (emphasis added):

You understand and agree that you are applying for individual health
insurance for you (and your family).  You further understand that this
application for health insurance will be fully medically underwritten
and that coverage is not guaranteed. You are personally paying the
entire premium for this health insurance coverage.  Your employer is
not contributing in any way to the payment of premium, either directly
or indirectly

Do you agree with these statements?

You mean my company is not paying for my new Taurus?


  1. Jared:

    That's a good point. Who actually reads these lengthy contracts anyway? I'm an insurance agent and I've yet to sell a policy to someone who actually read all of the fine print.

  2. Captain Arbyte:

    Me. I'm the outlier who actually reads contracts. Once I even edited the grammar of a privacy policy statement in a medical office...

  3. apotheon:

    Me three (or so). I, too, read contracts (and at least feel the urge to edit spelling, though I haven't run across grammar that made meaning ambiguous in a contract that I wanted to sign, yet), as do some of my friends. I'm aware that my friends tend to be a nonstandard group in this respect, however.