Arizona's Sometime Libertarianism

Arizona has a pretty strong libertarian streak, and we done some pretty good stuff, like electing Jeff Flake to Congress.  But from time to time, this weird code-of-the-wild-west streak comes out, and we elect a ridiculously self-promoting sheriff.  Or we give someone 200 years in jail for having for possessing (not producing) child pornography.  Or we take away the free speech rights of academics.  As to the latter:

The bill, whose chief sponsor is the Republican majority leader in the
Senate, would ban professors at public colleges and universities, while
working, from:

  • Endorsing, supporting or opposing any candidate for local, state or national office.
  • Endorsing,
    supporting or opposing any pending legislation, regulation or rule
    under consideration by local, state or federal agencies.
  • Endorsing, supporting or opposing any litigation in any court.
  • Advocating "one side of a social, political, or cultural issue that is a matter of partisan controversy."
  • Hindering military recruiting on campus or endorsing the activities of those who do.


  1. Craig:

    Does this mean they can't do this stuff while employed as a professor, or while actually at work (i.e. teaching)? If it's the latter, then it's not so bad.

  2. CRC:

    Isn't the fundamental problem here really the fact that the state is funding (and therefore controlling) these schools and (indirectly) the employees of those institutions? I mean if the state doesn't provide the money, then they really cannot provide the guidelines. This provides a great example of how it starts out with good intentions ("oh, we can provide 'free' or 'cheaper' education for so many...") and ends up being a lever to control and stifle. It seems this is quite inevitable.