I Need Some Blogs to Start Sucking

I am now past a saturation point on the number of feeds I have in my Google Reader account.  It has gotten to the point that managing the queue has become a chore rather than a pleasure.  Unfortunately, I seldom go more than a couple days before any one feed provides me with an article I would have been sorry to miss.

So, here is my request:  Some of you bloggers need to start sucking soon so I can pare down my reading list.


  1. Dan:

    Funny, I keep paring my lists down without adding new stuff.

  2. Brad Warbiany:

    If you're still reading The Unrepentant Individual, all my blogging over there sucks.

    However, The Liberty Papers has been doing really well lately :-)

  3. eddie:

    Sorry, can't help. I only read a very few blogs, and none of them suck. This one tops the list, btw.

  4. Vox:

    Mine has been sucking for quite a while now - - if you ever even subscribed, you probably dumped it sometime in the late '80s ;-)

  5. ettubloge:

    Besides needing blogs to start sucking, I need fewer interesting books to be published. I no sooner buy 2 new books and another 3 hit Amazon that I have to read. I am backed up with about 25 in the cue. BTW: Anyone interested in economics, public policy, the energy crisis, the NY Fiscal Collapse, Gerald Ford, US History and feckless Republicans, find the 1980 book by William E. Simon's "A Time For Truth".