I Have Had This Same Conversation

I swear I have had this identical conversation with my relatives that TJIC has with his.  In particular, he gets at the issue of the hidden labor tax:

TJIC: OK, what's the cost of trash separation?

X: Trash separation?

TJIC: Yes, trash separation. You don't "recycle", per
se, your step is just putting in extra labor to separate your garbage
into two piles -

X: It's free.

TJIC: It's free?  Would you say that it takes 30 seconds a day extra to separate trash?

X: No.

Y: More like 60 seconds.

TJIC: OK, 60 seconds per day is 6 hours per year.  At $50 / hour, that's $300 of labor -

X: But that's nonsense, because we weren't going to get paid for that labor anyway.

TJIC: Yes, but you could have done something enjoyable with that time.

I wrote more about this here, where I also linked to a great Bullshit! episode on recycling.

One Comment

  1. Ray G:

    I mistakenly put one stinking palm frond in my recycle can one time, and I came home to a large, 3 page notice from the city of Glendale, warning me of my infraction, and telling me that inspectors had already been by my home to inspect my cans.

    A stinking palm frond, and I've got the city bots out walking my property, looking into my trash cans.

    Wasn't a big fan of the whole recycle thing anyway, you think I'm using that stupid can now?!