As Long as They Have Four Legs

I don't really have a problem with hunting coyotes, as long as they have four legs.  They certainly are not endangered around here, and are one of two reasons (along with hawks) that we don't have a doggie door for my daughter's small Maltese.  In fact, we have a water feature out back and I found wet coyote footprints on the ground this morning when I took the dog out.  I'm not sure I personally would enjoy a contest to get the biggest pile of carcases, but I wouldn't enjoy euthanizing stray dogs either and that serves enough of a public purpose that the government pays people to do it.  Love the picture.



  1. bird dog:

    Our Eastern Coyotes are bigger and fatter - and better-looking than your scraggly western ones. They seem to have a touch of Wolf blood in them. I could care less how many house cats they eat, but they kill our rabbits and grouse and pheasants - and they aren't native to the East in the first place.

  2. Brad Warbiany:

    I still think my Yorkie, Guinness, could take one. He may only weigh 6 pounds, but he's wiry!

  3. Tim:

    For the record your "pheasants" aren't native to the East either. They are from China. Rabbits are the cheese burger of of nature, their main protection aside from their speed is their ability to reproduce. I don't believe that any amount of coyotes could wipe them out, it would just crash the coyote population, unless they start eating Yorkies. As far as I am concerned nature belongs out doors and pets belong indoors. If you choose to allow the two to mix than let the best critter win. The provincial attitude that the great outdoors needs to be made safe for poodles is a little dammaged. I hunt deer and I respect the coyote, I have seen many from my stand I have watched them eat mostly field mice. As a hunter, I refuse to kill anything that is a predator, you might call it professional courtesy.