Overdue DVD Releases

I was thrilled to see that two of my top 5 most wanted DVD releases are finally coming out - by March 6 according to Amazon.

  • Hawaii 5-0:  The greatest TV crime drama ever. 
  • Captain Horatio Hornblower:  I know that the current generation doesn't think there was ever a good adventure movie that did not involved Industrial Light and Magic, but this Gregory Peck movie is an absolute classic.

I was a little worried that both had the identical release date.  I am hoping that this is not just the default date in the Amazon system when the release date is uncertain. 

One Comment

  1. John:

    Even better on the same date, the long, long, awaited release on DVD of Prisoner of Zenda, a double release with both the Ronald Coleman and Steward Grainger version in the same case.