Geek Paradise

I saw this site described as the YouTube for Data.  It will be interesting over time to see if the data sets uploaded to this site are trustworthy, but its a cool idea.  I tried my hand at uploading some data.  I am not sure why the graph is showing those spikes - they don't exist in the data.

Update: I figured out my mistake and my better chart is here.



  1. MesaEconoGuy:

    Here’s a better one, for all macroeconomic data:

    All the major data sets, all manipulable and graphable.

  2. BobH:

    Fascinating site -- thanks for the link (and thank you also, Mesa).

    I agree that there's a likelihood that people will post phony data to promote their views.

    The other problem is already evident -- finding the nuggets of worthwhile data amid charts correlating the incidence of animal euthanasia in Wichita to national property crime (yes -- that's one of the charts there).