Rumsfeld Out

Donald Rumsfeld is resigning.  About time.  In the NFL, a head coach with his track record would have been fired a couple of seasons ago.  And I don't think any plan for Iraq going forward, no matter how enlightened, would be trusted at this point under his leadership.

Update:  Better and better, Hastert out too, at least from a leadership role.  Elections do matter.

Update 2:  It appears the Rumsfeld thing was in the works for a while.  Why didn't Bush drop him 2 months ago, a move that might have helped the Republicans in the elections?  I know everyone thinks Karl Rove is an evil genius but I just don't see it.  I don't see any brilliance in how the administration has communicated or the moves they have made.


  1. Chris Yeh:

    My own pet theory? Karl Rove decided to sacrifice 2006 to win 2008. His goal is to put the Democrats in power, watch them utterly fail in their attempts to extricate the country from Iraq, and then let McCain run in 2008 without Iraq being a major issue against him.

    The evidence? Delaying the Rumsfeld resignation until AFTER the election. The constant drumbeat of corruption and scandal leading up to the election. Like a company reporting as much bad news as possible and taking massive writeoffs to boost future "profitability."

  2. chris:

    Where did Rumsfeld go wrong? what precisely is it that makes you think he should have been out along time ago?