Tall People Rule!

This makes perfect sense to me.  The fact that I am 6'-4" tall has nothing to do with it:

Economists have long been irritated by the weird fact that tall people
have better jobs and earn more money. Many explanations have been
offered, various forms of social and individual discrimination first
among them. But two Princeton economists disagree: "In this paper, we offer a simpler explanation: On average, taller people earn more because they are smarter."

Update: I am amazed that I even have to say this, but of course I am having fun with this and don't take it seriously (I can't believe all the emails this has generated).  Besides, just think about the math for a minute.  There is a broad normal distribution of intelligence for both short and tall people.  The study says the averages of these two distributions diverge a bit.  But even if they do, the distributions themselves are much, much wider than this divergence.  This means in practice, even if true, this study has no predictive power for individuals you meet.  Short and tall people will be both smart and dumb.  It only means that if you somehow met all 300 million people in the US, you might notice you met a few more smart-tall people than smart-short people, but that is all it would mean.  Now, I do believe tall people might make more money.  There is good evidence that tall people get disproportionately favored in hiring and promotions than equally qualified folks who are altitude challenged.

Now, if you said short people were touchier and more over-sensitive than tall people, I would have a hard time disproving it from my email.


  1. Polarman:

    Tall People Smarter? Or is it the Disney Effect?

    A great blog by Coyote lead me to Reason Magazine, whichhas an article about tall people being smarter: Economists have long been irritated by the weird fact that tall people have better jobs and earn more money. Many explanations have

  2. Brad Warbiany:

    As someone who's 6'5", I completely agree.

  3. Eric:

    As someone who is 5'5", I completely disagr . . . hey, cartoons are on! What were we talking about again? I forget.

  4. Person:

    Tall people suck...asians are one of the smartest people majority of them are short. Tall people are just not that intelligent and in my life all the smart people were short and therefore had more blood flow to the brain. That study is bogus and many studies can be LIES see vodooo science for proof.

  5. Mike:

    I am 6'6" and I would have to agree that there is something special about tall people.

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    Go tall people!!!

  6. a number:

    Tall people are not smarter, that's a bunch of crap.