Ah, Vindication

I love it when I get proven right, especially just days after my post, where I said:

I just don't know why conservatives are so afraid to let folks like Khatami speak in the US.
Sure, he is a lying dictatorial human-rights-suppressing scumbag, but
so what?  Its good to let people like this speak as much as they want.
They always give themselves away

And, shazam!  Both Khatami and Hugo Chavez bury themselves in a deep hole with their verbal idiocy.  Both did more for to rally support against themselves in the last few days than a hundred speeches by their detractors.

PS- My company is cutting up all its Citgo cards on Monday.

One Comment

  1. Robert:

    What is the purpose of cutting up your Citgo cards?

    Do you object to all scumbag dictators or merely those scumbag dictators who give anti-Bush speeches at the U.N.

    Whether you use Citgo credit cards or not is certainly your decision but do not cloak in moral outrage your childish reaction to someone who hates Bush.