Identity Theft

My wife and I signed up for Lifelock this week.  Lifelock is a company that puts rolling 90-day fraud alerts on your credit files at the major credit companies.  In practice, this means that the credit agency must call you and get your verbal permission to issue a credit report or check to any third party.  They also claim to stop most pre-approved credit offers.  Their approach to identity theft is the best one that I have heard about yet.   I will see how it works in practice.  Anyone with experiences with this or similar companies are encouraged to post comments.

By the way, I saw a week or so ago that there is a bill in Congress that touches on this practice in some way, but now I can't find the link.

Postscript:  I had trouble with their web sign-up using Firefox.  It went smoothly when I switched to IE.


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  3. Phillip:

    Re:Identity Theft

    This may be slightly off topic, but it falls within a similar range. The fraud alert for your credit is a good idea but one should also consider that we live in a world of computer transactions. That being said, we should all be aware that our personal data, on our computers, is at risk also, so software like Digital File Shredder Pro ( and good encryption programs are also important to maintaining the security of our identities. I've already had my identity stolen once and I want to make sure that it can be prevented for others.

  4. Edward Romanoff:

    The End of Identity Theft; Can you post this on your Blog?

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  5. roin dela:

    The use of file shredding software as mentioned by Phillip is important in regards to keeping our personal information secure. I also feel that the use of encryption software should be endorsed as well. Titles such as StompSoft's Digital Vault and Portable Vault are effective and cost efficient ways to ensure the security of our personal electronic data and to further prevent the chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.