Statism Bites its Creators

A while back, I observed that liberal statists and technocrats were upset that conservative statists were using the machinery of big government they created for the "wrong" ends:

I am reminded of all this because the technocrats that built our
regulatory state are starting to see the danger of what they created.
A public school system was great as long as it was teaching the right
things and its indoctrinational excesses were in a leftish direction.
Now, however, we can see the panic.  The left is freaked that some red
state school districts may start teaching creationism or intelligent
design.  And you can hear the lament - how did we let Bush and these
conservative idiots take control of the beautiful machine we built?  My
answer is that you shouldn't have built the machine in the first place
- it always falls into the wrong hands.  Maybe its time for me to again invite the left to reconsider school choice.

Today, via Instapundit, comes this story about the GAO audit of the decision by the FDA to not allow the plan B morning after pill to be sold over the counter.
And, knock me over with a feather, it appears that the decision was
political, based on a conservative administration's opposition to
abortion.  And again the technocrats on the left are freaked.  Well,
what did you expect?  You applauded the Clinton FDA's politically
motivated ban on breast implants as a sop to NOW and the trial
lawyers.  In
establishing the FDA, it was you on the left that established the
principal, contradictory to the left's own stand on abortion, that the
government does indeed trump the individual on decision making for
their own body
  (other thoughts here).
Again we hear the lament that the game was great until these
conservative yahoos took over.  No, it wasn't.  It was unjust to scheme
to control other people's lives, and just plain stupid to expect that
the machinery of control you created would never fall into your
political enemy's hands.

Suprisingly, James Taranto in Best of the Web, who I sometimes find too partisan and socially conservative for my tastes, makes a similar point:

Liberal Democrats take credit for creating an enormous government, which, according to them, doesn't work--but would work just fine if only the populace were smart enough to elect liberal Democrats.

In sum: Republicans favor small government but embrace big government when they have the power to control it. Democrats favor big government but insist that it can work only when they have the power to control it. Politicians in both parties, then, seem to see government as a means to the same end: their own political power. Little wonder that voters are suspicious of government.


  1. Max Schwing:

    As a German, and thereby living in a social(ist)-democracy (mostly leftists), even we have no problem teaching religion along-side science and other classes in our state schools. In fact something like creationism exactly fits this topic and I cannot understand, why American leftists are so opposed to this subject in public schools.

    However, our public schools lack different things: Private schools have more and better material to their aid, private schools over a broader variety of interesting subjects and a multitude of theories (although still heavily regulated in Germany) which are left out in state schools.
    But the most important issue that speaks pro-private-schools, for me is the fact that social-sciences in the school are misused by political agencies to put their religion (the democratic welfare state and totalitarian ecologism) into the minds of the young and not all young are bright enough at the age of eight to distinguish arguments of this quantity!

  2. Agammamon:

    Its entirely possible that the problem is that allowing the teaching of a religion (as science) opens the door to having *all* religions taught in school. There isn't enough time in the day for that.