Emminent Domain Battle in Iowa

After the Supreme Court in Kelo gave its imprimatur to local authorities using eminent domain for economic development (which is a fancy way of saying the government can take your home and give it to real estate developers) many states have passed limitations on such activity. 

Apparently, the Iowa legislature passed just such limitations, but governor Tom Vilsack has chosen to veto it (via State 29).  Apparently the governor echoed this pro-Kelo thinking:

Cities, chambers of commerce and other development agencies argued [the legislation]
would shut off opportunities to develop businesses and create jobs.

Aaarrgghh.  Can anyone imagine their local city councilman actually creating a viable business?  In point of fact, most of these cases are not job creation but job transfers, from a less-preferred person to a more-preferred person.  Preferred on what standard?  By the standard of campaign support, of course!  Many other related posts here.