Airwolf Next?

Incredibly, there are still depths to be plumbed in bringing TV shows to the big screen, as apparently Knight Rider may soon be made into a movie.  Shows I would have expected to be made into movies before Knight Rider include:

  • 6-million dollar man
  • A-team
  • Hawaii 5-0

And by the way, what kind of world do we live in where I can't buy old Hawaii 5-0 reruns on DVD?

Hat Tip:  Reason's Hit and Run, with a nostalgic look at past efforts to discern KITT's sexual orientation.


  1. Captoe:

    What about Mission Impossible? That was a great show...
    It was?
    Three times? with Tom Cruise?
    What about I Spy? now that was a great show...


    KITT was a hetero female until that "routine" fuel injector surgery went so terribly terribly wrong. Now it's anyone guess.

  2. Glen Smith:

    I'd think they'd have to change the name of the '$6 Million Man'. Something like, 'We Estimated It at $6 Billion but We Had Another $6 Billion in Cost-Overruns'.

  3. myowndictionary:

    isn't that the show about the talking car with the sexy voice? and michael moon? the car could drive itself, i don't really think that's worth making a movie about...