What a Jerk

Via ABC News, comes this story of Congressman Randall Cunningham:

Prosecutors call it a corruption case with no parallel in the long
history of the U.S. Congress. And it keeps getting worse. Convicted
Rep. Randall "Duke" Cunningham actually priced the illegal services he

Prices came in the form of a "bribe menu" that detailed how much it
would cost contractors to essentially order multimillion-dollar
government contracts, according to documents submitted by federal
prosecutors for Cunningham's sentencing hearing this Friday....

The card shows an escalating scale for bribes, starting at $140,000
and a luxury yacht for a $16 million Defense Department contract. Each
additional $1 million in contract value required a $50,000 bribe.

The rate dropped to $25,000 per additional million once the contract went above $20 million.


  1. TC:

    Hey I thought Abramoff was the newest mean guy on the hill?

    Evidently not!! :)

    Whoed a thunk it?


    Grisham has a bood, the broker. It's probably been out awhile, but i'm not much of a book worm, but the broker and abermoff seem to be the same person. Well I'd think that abermoff would love to be in the brokers shoes though. For a time anyway!! :)

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