Our First National Park Service Contract

Why blog if you can't engage in a little personal vanity?  Our company just won our first contract with the National Park Service, to run the Elk Creek Marina and other facilities on Blue Mesa Reservoir in the Curecanti National Recreation Area in Colorado.



  1. Walker Willingham:


    Walker (from high minimum-wage Washington who strongly supports our high minimum wage but nonetheless completely understands the logic that your senior on-site employees should be excepted, but who is conflicted about creating a minimum wage with so many specific reasonable exceptions that understanding the law becomes cumbersome and defeats the purpose of having a minimum wage in the first place)

    But really the point of this comment remains:
    congratulations on the contract

  2. Dan:

    Hey, bravo amigo! Want to hang out in the loveliest, most special places around? Hang out with the NPS.