Happy Birthday

Coyote Blog is one year old today.  I see below that the coyote must be working on a gift for me...

Birthday  Christmas2

I didn't really have any expectations when I started, but I am pretty sure that a quarter of a million page views to date is more than I would have guessed.  I also seem to have recently made "large mammal" status, meaning that NZ Bear probably gives me more credit on the evolutionary scale than does my wife.  Thanks to all my readers.


  1. AZvicki:

    Congratulations; I enjoy reading it.

  2. spectregunner:

    Congratulations on your birthday and for achieving large mammal status. I spend a lot of time trying not to slip below flippery fish.

  3. Matt:

    Um...you're welcome? :)

    But seriously...great blog, and happy blogiversary. We wouldn't be your readers if you weren't writing cool stuff.

  4. Chris Kilber:

    Congrats Coyote Blog! Keep up the good work.

  5. John:

    Congrats! Keep up the great work.

  6. Dane Carlson:

    Congratulations, Warren!

    When people ask me for blogs to read, you are always at the (very!) top of my list.

  7. Scott P:

    Happy Birthday, Warren, from one Phoenician to another.

  8. Barbara S Meyer:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations. I'm very proud of you and your thinking and writing. Thank God, you got your father's brain genes and hopefully my sense of humor genes.