Double-Speak is Alive and Well

This was funny, from labor boss John Sweeney (via Cafe Hayek):

Let's require big, profitable companies such as Wal-Mart to provide health care
to their employees instead of passing the cost along to everybody else, and
let's begin to develop a national health care plan that provides affordable
coverage to all Americans.

This is really, really funny.  Notice that in the first half of the sentence, he decries passing health care costs "along to everybody else" and then in the second half advocates a national health insurance plan that would pass individual health care costs onto... everybody else.  Also note that since Wal-mart, despite Mr. Sweeney's description as being big and profitable, has one of the lowest profit margins in the Fortune 100, it would likely have to raise prices in order to... pass these costs along to everybody else.

What Mr. Sweeney is actually frustrated about is that there are a large number of individuals in the labor force that he does not make decisions for and who do not in turn contribute to his personal power.

Cafe Hayek has more.