Inside 9/11 Documentary

Last night I watched the four hour Inside 9/11 documentary on the National Geographic channel.  I really enjoyed the show.  They took the plot step by step and at times day by day and minute by minute.  The final "zero hour" segment was tremendously emotional.  Highly recommended - I believe it will be replayed September 8.


  1. Gilbert:

    Hi, I agree I thought it was a tremendously riveting program. I found the segment where the newsman gained access to the WTC plaza after both planes had hit the towers, but prior to them collapsing very errie to watch. They had the music playing in the plaza and then the newsman points his camera upward towards the burning towers and every few seconds you hear the sounds of people hitting the ground after jumping, must have been absolutely horrible up there after the planes hit for people to jump to their deaths.

  2. Paul M. Connell:

    I had just resintly had seen the rebroudcast of
    that terrible day only on sunday night april 30th
    and I sware to you it only gets sader and sader
    by the year because I happen to live in the bueataful town of Floral Park N.Y. only a short,
    35 minute train ride from the city. we had a,
    friend that owned a bar here in town his name,
    is joe graseola his entar fire company latter,
    eng.22 in mannhattan was killed in the tade center attacks on 9/11 it still leaves a chill,
    down my spine when you think about it.