Congrats to my Congressman

I trash the Congress a lot, but a brief thanks to our local Congressman John Shadegg who was one of only 8 folks who managed a "no" vote against the pork-laden highway bill.  Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake was also one of the eight.

Update:  Flake also wins an award as the only Congressman who did not slip a special appropriation for his own district into the bill.


  1. Garthnak:

    My congressman Ed Royce was likewise one of the eight. I generally like the guy, even if I was angry at him for supporting the flag desecration amendment.

    I was surprised Ron Paul wasn't on the "No" list, but it looks like he didn't vote. That seems odd to me.

  2. James B.:

    Does Flake have any apsirations for higher office? Could he be McCain's replacement? How about a VP candidate? Good-looking guy, swing state. We could do a lot worse.