A Distasteful Task

Today, I am filling out my EEO-1 form, which I always find a mildly distasteful task.  For those who don't know, the EEO-1 is an annual report the government requires of all but very small corporations.  It requires me to list numbers on how many of my workers are black females or Native American males or Asian or whatever.  I have to ask all my managers to stare at the skin color of their employees and tell me what flavor everyone is so I can report it.  The government is careful to tell us that it is bad form to actually ask people what race or ethnicity they are, so it is up to us to apply whatever racial stereotypes we carry to the task of identification.  So much for a color-blind society.


  1. spectregunner:

    The most amazing part of this form is the fact that not only is it illegal for you to ask employees or candidates this information, it is also illegal for it to be part of their personnel file.

    I think that all Arizona employers should state that their workforce is 100% Alaska Indians, and be done with it.

  2. speedbird:

    In the UK, employers ask (via form) and employees can choose how to answer (or not at all).

    Hey, in the last UK census there was a box on the form for 'religion'... something like 50,000 people entered 'Jedi'. According to the rules of the game, that should have got them official state recognition... :-)