Who Will Die in the Next Harry Potter Book

We are big Harry Potter fans in our house.  The world has been warned that another major character will buy it in the next book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (similar to Sirius Black's death in the last book).  Trust the Brits to have a betting line on it:

Hagrid (6/4)
Professor Dumbledore (2/1)
Cho Chang (3/1)
Neville Longbottom (3/1)
Professor McGonagall (7/2)
Fred and/or George (4/1)


  1. Jack:

    Neville has an excellent shot of being offed as does Dumbledore but I am kind of leaning towards Hagrid.

  2. Cara:

    I think it'll be Percy Weasley.

  3. Alastair:

    I think Dumbledore will be the next to bite the magic dust.
    I don't know why, but I have a feeling his Phoenix will have something to do with it- perhaps the Order of the Phoenix was given such a name for a different reason- perhaps Sirius and anybody else in the Order can be brought back to life just like the bird?
    It's just a thought.

  4. potter fan:

    Just thought Id ruin it for you all and say that Dumbledore does die and that the Half Blood Prince is Snape

  5. Eric:

    yea dumble dore dies from snape who is actually the Half-Blood-Prince wich means snape is not a pure blood wizard

  6. manj:

    well how many of u do belive that harrys gonna leave hogwarts???? i do and i firmly belive that he would meet some messieh or dumbledores secret savior is due to come. some body whom dumbledore has already assined for this task.'cause do u remember that something in dumbledores last words reflect that he knew snape could kill him!!!!!

  7. joe:

    lol ur all wrong dumbledore set up a series of horecruxes like voldemort and will come back like him weak and powerless and in the end rules the world!

  8. the main man:

    Harry potter is going to die as well as one of the weasly twins. Voldemort captures the weasly twins and forces Harry to choose one to die. And i do beilve that Sirus will come back as well as dumbledore