Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta

The beta for Microsoft anti-Spyware is a free download here.  They created most of the vulnerabilities, so presumably they may be best able to plug them.

I installed and ran the beta and it looks good.  I ran the program after running several other programs like adAware and spybot S&D and it found a bunch of things that the others missed (though how you know for sure, I don't know.  This message about found problems could be like the little dial that xerox machine repairmen set to determine when they get to come back).  The program even claims to have found and cleaned out TV media, which tops my all-time frustration list.  After the run, the program lists the threats found, and actually has good information about each threat so you know what you are eliminating. 

Update:  PCMag review


  1. Dave:

    Might be a good idea to warn people to watch for Microsoft Applications and files in the initial scan (I had 6 or 7 come up), do not remove them, or if you do make sure you create a restore point (you'll see a check box for it).

  2. spyware removal:

    AntiSpyware detects spyware programs, tells you where they're located, gives you a risk rating, and recommends what action you should take - everything a pc user needs to know about spyware infection on his system. thats microsoft antispyware.

  3. spyware removal:

    i would like to recommend another anti-spyware resource which is also free, its spyware removal instructions database at