Tsunami Before and After

A whole peninsula, wiped clean.  Ugly.  Thanks to LGF for the link.


Update:  The wider angle view of these photos are even more dramatic - note the new bay where there used to be farms:

Beforeafter1a  Tsunamibeforeafter1b

More of these side-by-side tsunami before-after photo pairs are here.

Update #2:  We are getting a lot of Google hits on this.  For more before and after images, look here and  here and here (in this last link see the powerpoint download in the lower left).  This site has a ton of tsunami blog links, including pictures and video.  Here is a link-filled roundup (new 1/4) and an older one here, and another here.  And here is a dedicated blogHere is a 1/5 roundup of Indian blog posts about the tsunami and its aftermath.  And here is a local blog with news.  And here is the Amazon Red Cross donation page.


  1. mouton:

    I have to admit knowing the size of the wave and seeing it are two VERY different things. I have been primarily focusing on satellite images and I have hi-res versions of the above satellite images along with several others and some composite photos of my own making, including some very interesting infrared versions, which clearly show what little infrastructure is left. The site is http://www.geocities.com/the_physics_guy/index.html

    Feel free to pass this link on to those interested.

  2. Cathy Johnson:

    There is an absolutely astonishing story, entitled 'The CIA's OSS forerunner proposed using a nuclear bomb on a fault line to cause Japanese tsunamis and earthquakes!' in the 'News You Need To Know On The Dollar, The Economy, And The New World Order' section of SurvivalistSkills.Com.

    To quote from the introduction to it...

    The astonishing 1945 wartime document below, now declassified, outlines an astounding scenario.

    Written as a secret operational proposal by the OSS, the forerunner of today's CIA, it was not put into efect - then, at least.

    The chilling suggestion: "If we could could get (an atom) bomb within a mile of a point on a fault line destined to break within 90 years we might set it off ..."

    It might well raise some suspicions in your mind regarding the recent and horrific Asian tsunami, which - amazingly for an 'earthquake'-caused event - registered no aftershocks whatsoever.

    We present it here and leave you to form your own conclusions.