Voluntary Government Surveys

Our company operates in 10 states, so that means, each month, 16 sales tax reports (including counties and cities with separate reports), 10 withholding reports, 10 SUI reports, several workers comp reports not to mention annual health inspection reports, occupancy permit renewals, federal and state income tax forms, foreign corporation annual reports, etc, etc.

So, as happened today, when I get an optional monthly or quarterly survey to help support the commerce department data (or maybe it was labor department) it goes straight to the trash. I am sure this makes me a bad American, but does any small business owner really have time to fill out this junk, especially since the data will probably be used by some Congressman as an excuse to regulate me in some new and intrusive way?

The Commerce and Labor department data are often criticized for under-weighting small businesses and self-employment. I certainly believe it, and am proudly part of the problem.