A Quick Privacy Quest Update

  1.  The Brave browser is terrific and an essentially seamless transition from Chrome.  I depend too much on Lastpass and needed a browser it would work with, and it works just fine in Brave.  I am sure Brave is more vulnerable than they let on but it is an almost no-brainer upgrade from Chrome.
  2. DuckDuckGo is okay but well short of Google for search.  I don't find the search results are as good and related Google functionality like Google Finance (e.g. when you search a stock price) and I quickly missed Google places and maps.  I am continuing to try to make it work but I keep a Google tab open and find myself going back to it frequently.
  3. I have been using Express VPN.  I am not knowledgeable enough about how these things work to say if it is better than other VPN services but it seems to work fine for me.  Really almost invisible except that websites that depend on your browser or computer being recognized (e.g. some banks) will put you through verification hoops every single time you log in.
  4. Stuck with Gmail.  Our company uses Google Apps to host email and some other services for our company and switching costs are high.  Particularly since I have a grandfathered free account for up to 100 users, which saves a ton of money.