My New Pet Peave: Uber Drivers Who Stop For Gas After Taking My Job

Third time in a row I have had an Uber drive stuck at 5 minutes away from me for 20 minutes, with their car sitting right on top of the nearest gas station.


  1. Not Sure:

    Isn't there some sort of feedback option available to you where you can let others know?

  2. Ray:

    I'd be willing to bet the market will do a pretty good job of solving this.

  3. progenitive:

    cancel the ride, and state your reason why.

  4. johncunningham:

    I drive for Uber, and the action Is inexcusable. If I need gas, a soda, or a head call, I just go offline for a few minutes. No way should a driver delay like that.

  5. Benjamin Cole:

    Uber model falling part? And who needs Uber?

    Can not riders and drivers self-coordinate through a public website? Why not cut out the middleman?

    Craigslist for ride-service etc.

  6. ToddF:

    Or cab drivers. I've had several do that, both in the Philippines and Taiwan.

  7. marque2:

    What is the difference between this and a driver accepting your job while still delivering the last guest? Still 5 extra minutes of waiting. I guess I am not as busy / important as you because I don't get too upset if i wait 8 minutes instead of 4.

  8. steamboatlion:

    Did you give them a lousy rating? This problem ought to self-correct given Uber's built-in feedback mechanisms.

  9. craftman:

    I had a driver pick me up then beg me to let him stop and use the bathroom before he dropped me off. The downside risk was too great so I said OK.

  10. brec:

    The headline of this post peEves me.

  11. Earl Wertheimer:

    20 minutes to fill up? Doesn't sound right to me...

  12. jimcraq:

    Yeah. Some kind of what another commenter calls a "head call".

  13. JTW:

    If you can drop off one passenger while on the way to the other delivery or pickup, don't see the problem. That's how many taxi and minibus services work around the world.
    If the driver takes a 20 minute detour with you on board in order to pick up another fare, that's wrong.

  14. Your new employee:

    A blast from the past... it was because I was a disgruntled ex-employee and recognized who I was about to pickup. Just kidding. I've recently parted ways with uber because of the way they treat their valuable "partners" much like our short strange trip together back in the day. Kalanick however didn't get personally involved because he had other problems on his plate and 12,000 employees between he and I. He resigned just now. I'd probably still be at that Kaibab campground enjoying my self-imposed exile instead of back at the limo grind in my old hometown in Columbus, Ohio were it not for the unnecessary distance put between us by a corporate culture that doesn't support the guy in the trenches instead of the management types who maintain the status quo. I'm still available... thought that might give you a chuckle.