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  1. Daniel:

    Does that mean Republicans are worse at marketing, worse at reaching out to younger voters that actually riot, or worse at reaching out to high population areas where riots occur? Why shouldn't they be rioting when their money is stolen for corrupt cronies and their future is being mortgaged?

    Just giving you hell - love your blog, but this post is definitely the most 'red team' I've ever seen from you. :)

  2. J_W_W:

    Or does it mean that Republicans are more polite, understanding, accepting and TOLERANT, than these shitty little wannabe brownshirts......

    We've found the fascists they were warning us about....

    And don't ever forget, the rioters will give you no quarter if you say "but I'm a libertarian!!!"

  3. ano333:

    Uh, it was Republicans who threatened to kill Clinton if she won. Which is worse for the nation as a whole, a few riots in select cities or the assassination of a President? I agree that Republicans don't protest much, they are too lazy I suppose...

  4. CC:

    I saw a comments section claiming 169 violence incidences by trump supporters, but all the ones they listed were like verbal "nya-nya, we won" stuff, which they equated as worse than the actual riots and burning cars going on around the country by the Left. A strange equivalence. The press went out of its way to try to make the tea party rallies look violent, when in fact they were so polite they picked up their own trash. It is like fun-house mirrors.

  5. Peabody:

    You do realize that there have been many calls to assassinate president elect Trump? And you do realize that regardless of who wins there will be calls for assassinations? There are always nut cases on every side and holding every position. The Gabby Giffords shooting was done by an individual deemed unfit to stand trial due to paranoid schizophrenia and whose main motivation appeared to be "what is government if words have no meaning"? While the media tried to paint the shooter as right wing, he was just mentally insane and appeared to have no traditional right/left positions.

    So you actually believe that Hillary would be assassinated by a conservative? Not just threats, which happen all the time, but actual success in doing so? The argument of do you prefer riots or a presidential assassination is actually quite hilarious. I can't tell if you are just trolling...

  6. MJ:

    Which is worse? Well, one of those things actually happened. The other was purely hypothetical. So yes, the riots were unequivocally worse. Incidentally, the riots in Portland are already indirectly responsible for at least one death, due to an ambulance with with a patient in critical condition being forced to add 45 minutes to its trip in order to detour around the riots to get to the hospital.

    Secondly, the credibility of assassination threats needs to be taken into account. There have already been multiple threats on Twitter and other social media sites to kill Trump, some of which have led to arrests. Also, don't forget that there was an actual assassination attempt against Trump at a campaign stop in Las Vegas earlier this year by Michael Sandford, a foreign national.