Because Everybody Knows Rich White Males Will Be Hurt the Most By Higher Fuel and Electricity Prices

Apparently, BLM is now protesting for climate action of some sort, temporarily closing an airport in the UK.

BLM has created a very hot brand, and at least for certain segments of the population, it has a lot of accumulated virtue credits.  Now, everyone on the progressive Left wants to use that brand and those virtue credits, and are trying to shove their particular issues under the BLM tent.  BLM is thus in the process of being hijacked.  I give the movement about 60 days to get its messaging in order before its power to actually affect its original issue (police and proprietorial abuse) is at an end.  That doesn't mean that BLM will go away -- if successfully jacked it may be around for decades, but it will be just another progressive shell organization.  This will make its leaders more prominent and even perhaps a lot richer (think gigs at MSNBC), but it will make the goal of getting more accountability applied to police forces a dead letter.


  1. J_W_W:

    They were never anything but a leftist get out the vote organization.

    Leftists don't solve problems they capitalize on them.

  2. jdgalt:

    BLM is funded and owned by George Soros. His Ruckus Society planned the demonstrations in Ferguson and Baltimore and trained the participants.

    I hope that the next non-Democrat administration will prosecute him for deliberately causing riots and property damage as a means of terrorism.

  3. Ward Chartier:

    I can't help it. Every time I see BLM I think Bureau of Land Management.

  4. TruthisaPeskyThing:

    Actually, Middle Cass Males are hurt quite a bit by higher fuel and electric prices. Industry runs on fuel and electricity. As those prices increase, industrial jobs will go to other countries with lower fuel and electric prices. The aluminum industry is an example of that.
    Often the discussion of jobs going overseas centers on labor costs, but the fuel & electric prices also play an important role.

  5. tommy ex thom w ex tomw:

    What does the Bureau of Land Management have to do with airports in the UK?

  6. Not Sure:

    Especially on a blog run by a guy involved in public/private partnerships in outdoor recreation.

  7. J K Brown:

    Same happened to the Tea Party on the right. The brand was suborned and broken. Only the Tea Party didn't have any "leaders" to sell out, just naive people who didn't know they needed to protect the brand. Those with BLM are "professionals".