Coyote, Why All the Climate Stuff Suddenly?

Over the last several weeks, you have seen a series of posts on climate, and completing them has dominated much of my blogging time.  There are two or three chapters left to post.

This does not mean that I am shifting my attention on this blog to doing mostly climate.  In fact, if anything, it means perhaps the opposite.   I find the climate debate increasingly boring.  I don't think the arguments going on today are really much different than those that were going on five years ago.  So I have decided to try to get my current thinking on the topic online in an organized way, and then I likely will move on from the topic for a while.   I will still give presentations on it, and certainly will blog on the current efforts by AG's to use the force of government to suppress one side of the debate, but I have other things I would like to dig into more.


  1. CapnRusty:

    I very much appreciate that you are setting out the facts about climate change in a logical and coherent manner. I know people who are just starting to question some of the alarmist claims, and your articles might help me to convince them that they've been had.

  2. McThag:

    I too appreciate it! I don't think arguements today are much different than they were in the past either, it's just so many minds have been closed in the past ten years you really have to beat on them to gain entry.

  3. bigmaq1980:

    Please add all the recent series to your Climate Summaries

  4. Solomon Foster:

    I'm hoping you can replace it with some model railroading blogging...

  5. John the River:

    You have probably covered this elsewhere, but were you as disappointed with 'Climate Hustle' as I was?

    Re-hash, didn't quite hit the mark they set for humor or impact.