OK, Stat Geeks, Here is A Really Nerdy Game For You

Guess the Correlation

That's it.  They plot a distribution, you guess the correlation in the form of R.  If you are close, you keep going.  Too many misses and its game over.  Via Flowing Data.  Played around with it a bit, high score at 52 now.




  1. craftman:

    First round was a 76. Had the hardest time in the 0.3-0.6 range of correlations. Obviously the very strong and very weak correlations were easier to pinpoint, but I could look at a 0.6 and think it was 0.4.

  2. Arrian:

    Same here, I could have sworn one of the .6s was correlated more closely than a .3.I wonder if the correlation is used as a seed for the graph, or if the graph is created and then the correlation calculated? If it's the former, then it's possible that what we see on the graph actually has a higher (or lower) correlation than the "actual" correlation. My guess is that this would be more noticeable in the middle of the range. Or, maybe it's just a lot tougher to eyeball correlations in those ranges?

    In any case, there goes my afternoon.