Coyote Goes to the Big City, Views Some Art

I am in DC to testify tomorrow on the renewal of some recreation legislation that is currently before the House National Resources Committee.  With some time on my hands this afternoon, I walked around the Mall.

I found myself in some art place called Nat Anal's Art Gallery.  My first impression was that this guy was probably going bankrupt, since he seemed to have way too much space on some really expensive real estate.  This impression was only confirmed when I looked at some of the artists he was repping.

Take this guy for example.  What the hell?  Does this guy even know what a reasonable range of skin colors is?  Is this supposed to be a red-headed Vulcan?  I don't think this guy has much of a future in painting.


And look at this next one.  The girl's face is blurry.  I can understand how you might take a picture out of focus, but how do you paint out of focus?  These guys are going nowhere.


This one is just insulting.  The artist didn't even bother to finish it.  What, did the rent just come due and he had to run the picture down to the gallery half-finished just to get a bit of cash?


He couldn't get a better model?  Pay a few bucks more and get a freaking model with decent posture.  And just because a big rat comes and sits down in your studio you do not have to paint it into the picture.


This gallery is so cheap it's cranking out copies of the same art.  What, did they get a big order for a 100-room motel 6?


This is actually pretty good, but good god is this guy, whoever he is, full of himself.  Let's make a note never to put that guy in charge of anything.



Postscript:  I actually ran inside to get outside of a brief rain shower and to see this painting, among a couple of others.  I am a big fan of Pissarro, particularly his city scenes.


The Napoleon on horseback that was in Vienna was way more spectacular than the studio pose.  I still need to do my European trip roundup and will do it soon, now that I finally got the upload size limit on my server fixed.



  1. bloke in france:

    Looks like photography is going the same way as painting. No sooner do you compose the shot than some grumpy middle aged slob hoves into view to spoil the picture.

  2. Earl Wertheimer:

    Our government paid $1.8 million in 1989 for this crap...

    They say it's now worth over $40 million. I have an idea. Sell it, and I'll paint a free replacement right on the same wall for a few hundred dollars... or a 10% tax credit...

  3. bloke in france:

    The fat bloke in too-tight trousers looks vaguely familiar. But epaulettes and carpet slippers was never a good combination.

  4. SineWaveII:

    Someone is going to think you're serious. Wait and see. :--)

  5. SineWaveII:

    I think it's Marco Rubio. ;--)

  6. JohnM:

    Hmmm! Given that humour amongst progressives is noticeably lacking, prepare for this to be quoted back to you as proof that "right-wingers" are morons

  7. Dan Wendlick:

    Well, the first guy was obviously influenced by The Simpsons

  8. ErikTheRed:

    Heh. Sounds like my wife and I at the Louvre. We may have been a tiny bit intoxicated. Museums (and zoos) are more fun when you're lit.

  9. markm:

    #1 can't be a redheaded Vulcan. Van Gogh was much too emotional. It's a redheaded Romulan.