Chart of the Day: Median Income, US States vs. European Countries

From Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute, is your state richer than Bernie Sander's dream country Sweden?  The author has used state-level purchasing price parity adjustments, rather than a single US adjustment, due to large variations in state price levels discussed previously here (click to enlarge)

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  1. Shane:

    New York was kind of a shocker.

  2. Joe:

    Shane - New York was kind of a shocker.

    Since the chart is based purchasing power parity, NY with high living costs , then the purchasing parity would do less well in New York than Texas.

    As a side note. during early 2009, I advertised for a position paying $40k, I received numerous resumes from individuals making in the mid $50's in CA. I had phone interviews with several and each of those individuals recognized that going from $55k in CA to $40k in Dallas was effectively a pay raise.

  3. Max:

    Is there a definition somewhere whether PPP levels are using before taxes income or after taxes. If it is after taxes than the comparison is skewed.,