A Question for Black Lives Matter

BLM coalesced as a reaction to police brutality and lack of accountability for how they treated black citizens.  The organization claims its problems are rooted in the ghetto-ization of blacks that has robbed them of their agency.

Can I observe that both these problems are ones of an out of control, unaccountable, over-powered government?  Police are government officials allowed to operate with few checks on their behavior.  Black ghettos were explicitly created by the New Deal and maintained by Federal policy for years.  No doubt many private citizens are still racist, but they can't legally shoot you on the street or say where you can and can't buy homes.

So why does the leadership of BLM so consistently support the further expansion of government power?


  1. Kevin Erdmann:

    They have just come out with a set of goals that seems like a very respectable turn away from your complaint:

  2. Matthew Slyfield:

    "So why does the leadership of BLM so consistently support the further expansion of government power?"

    It's the same thing that got Obama elected president, the victory of hope over reason.

  3. obloodyhell:

    }}} The organization claims its problems are rooted in the ghetto-ization of blacks that has robbed them of their agency

    To this whiny bovine excreta, I have but one word:



    You have little to nothing to lose whatsover, even if you had to leave all your worldly goods behind after a fire sale of your property. It ain't worth that damned much that it's worth raising kids in a HELLHOLE like Compton.

    This is #$%#$# AMERICA you sh**heads. Pack up, HOP ON A BUS, and go somewhere else.

    There is literally not one #$%#$$ thing stopping you other than your own inertia.

    You probably don't have a job, or whatever job you do have is probably a crap job that's easily replaced. Spend a little time, do a little investigating, and Get Outta Dodge -- before The Big Gunfight.

    Don't sit there on your ASS playing with your WII even as you whine about how horrible life is in the Ghetto.

    There's not a single damned thing keeping you in the ghetto except yourself.

  4. obloodyhell:

    Not exactly the same problem, but similar...


  5. obloodyhell:

    While I can get behind some of it, did you actually READ any of it, yourself?


    A. Decriminalize the following harmless offenses:
    • Consumption of Alcohol on the Streets
    • Marijuana Possession
    Disorderly ConductTrespassing • Loitering
    Disturbing the Peace • Spitting

    (Emphasis mine).


    You can come onto my property, and refuse to leave -- especially if I've ordered you to leave -- and the cops can't do anything?

    You can walk through my neighborhood with a 24" boombox at full volume at 3am in the morning playing NWA (OR Barry F***ing Manilow, I don't care), and "Sorry, can't do anything, he's not breaking any law"?

    Two guys have a fight on my front lawn... they don't press charges against each other, and "Hey, they weren't breaking any laws..."?

    F*** that shit.

    MOST of what it suggest IS exactly what we're talking about -- LEGISLATIVE solutions to problems that often aren't problems with existing legislation. Or the opposite, relaxing laws that OUGHT to be laws, because there's no reason for anyone -- regardless of skin color -- to be doing those things.

    B. Pass legislation banning police department quotas for tickets and arrests

    Pretty sure this already IS illegal. Perhaps not in every state, I haven't checked. I know it is in my state. And yes, they still do it. But usually it's a speed trap measure as much as anything, it's not a matter in larger cities where cops already have enough to do.

    C. Make chokeholds, hog-ties and nickel-rides felony offenses.

    F*** that shit.

  6. Mike Powers:

    Same as I've said before. To liberals, the problem is never the system; the problem is the people. If only there weren't so many racist/sexist/homophobe/Libertarians around, then nothing would be bad; and if things are bad, well, we must not have done a good enough job purging the racist/sexist/homophobe/Libertarians.

  7. texasjimbo:

    "No doubt many private citizens are still racist" Really? How do you know that? Want to qualify it in terms of a percentage of the population or the severity of most of those individual's racism. Want to tell the truth that racism is much more common among BLM members and their black political allies than among the white population. The very notion that white racism against blacks is widespread and the cause of black's social and economic failures is the tool the left uses to keep blacks a reliable monolithic voting block and a notion that lets blacks off the hook for their own failings. When you grant them the unproven premise, nothing else you say after hat matters, regardless of its accuracy or lack there of. And its a BS comment as a factual matter.

  8. Old School:

    When all the BS has been dispensed, and the "black community" has done what it can to establish itself as essentially a community of violence, thus they should not be sanctioned for exercising their culture..... they want to geld the police, even though they are the only segment of government that actually believes BLM. It matters enough that they go out on a daily basis into those urban shooting galleries with the intent of keeping those black people from killing each other.

    Just remember: no one had their hands up and no one said "don't shoot".

  9. Jim Collins:

    BLM is a scam. It was created and is run by "professional protesters". I'll make a prediction. As soon as the Democrats sort out who is running for President, BLM will say that they have come to an agreement with the candidate. After that they will be used to disrupt any Republican event.

  10. Nehemiah:

    Why indeed. Ever hear the term "useful idiots". Insert name of progressive/victimized group.

  11. jhertzli:

    I think they're assuming the total amount of government is constant and increasing it in one field will decrease it in another.