Thanks Vancouver (BC) for a 40-minute Black Car Wait

Vancouver BC is one of those places that have banned Uber.  So lacking that alternative, I tried to book a black car (from the largest local car service) for the fairly long ride to our hotel.  In trying to complete the transaction, I was told that they were very busy and that my wait would be up to 40 minutes for them to show up.

This is the second time in a week (Vegas was the first) that I have had to spend some serious wait-time just because the local government has decided to artificially limit competition and capacity.  I am sure the politicians would tell me its for my own good, though.


  1. mogden:

    You think your time is more important than solidarity with the middle class?

  2. Sue Smith:

    C'mom, Coyote. You know deep down inside that you do not know what is best for you and the always present elite/intellectuals (nice words for prostitutes on the take masquerading as politicians) know what is best for you. ;-)

  3. Matthew Slyfield:

    The biggest lie ever told: "We're from the government and we are here to help".

  4. Joe_Da:

    Uber - very very very bad and dangerous - dangerous to the profits of the entrenched and less opportunity for graft

  5. Joe_Da:

    Sue Smith - ""You know deep down inside that you do not know what is best for you and the always present elite/intellectuals."

    See Sotomayors dissent in Shutte v Bam - That was actually part of the Sotomayer's dissent in the Michigan voters initative amending the Michigan constitution banning racial preferences. She basically said that only the elites (liberal elites ) knew what kind of discrimination was good and therefore the voters should not have the power to ban discrimination that the elites thought was good.

  6. Brad Warbiany:

    Damn. I'll be in Vancouver in 2 weeks. I guess I shouldn't plan on using Uber...

  7. tex:

    Do note they do not say "We're. . . are here to help YOU!"

  8. tex:

    I wonder if there is a gov bypass, e.g. could I establish a web site that citizens in Uber banned cities could register for some small fee so that you could query for service providers via ph, computer, etc?

  9. Byer Beware:

    Vancouver is run by a Greenie/Socialist cabal of wannabe Eco Do Gooders called Vision Vancouver. They are very well funded baby boomer expat Americans, mostly trust fund kiddies who have never worked but inherited $$$$$$$millions and who live in the city.

    Vision is lead by Gregor Robertson, aka Mayor Moonbeam, a kid who grew up in California and was infected with Hippie Disease there.

    Hope you can enjoy your stay in Vancouver. It really is a beauty place.

    Need any restaurant recommendations?

  10. FelineCannonball:

    I just take the skytrain from the airport to downtown where I usually stay. Easy, inexpensive, clean. 10 minute wait at most. If I'm staying out of town I'll rent a car. Uber or cabs aren't my thing unless it's in a place I don't speak the language.

  11. HoratiusZappa:

    As noted by an earlier commenter, the chief problem is the current city political administration.

    They just lost a referendum to kick up the sales tax a bit to cover transit capital and operating costs. With that behind them, what is their highest priority? Rail transit down a corridor serving some of the most well-off neighborhoods of the city, and they've already threatened that bus services might have to be cut to keep budgets intact. Plus ca change.

  12. John O.:

    Too bad nobody can break this nonsense with antitrust lawsuits, because everybody who depends on the government for their protection will spend boatloads of money for attorneys to fight it and to make the insult much worse the government's own lawyers will justify it with past caselaw.

  13. MNHawk:

    No Uber driver is ever going to hire a sleazy politician for $300,000 to give a speech. Big Cab will, to guarantee a monopoly.

  14. Bram:

    Maybe you could look up the cell phone #'s of the local corrupt politicians, call them up and ask for a ride while you wait.

  15. slocum:

    It'll be interesting to see how many of the Uber bans stand up over time vs how many politicians cave under pressure (like DeBlasio just did). The kind of people who use Uber also travel and will be able to compare the goodness where Uber is available to the crappiness in their own city where it isn't.

  16. Ike Pigott:

    Free speech isn't protected when it constitutes harassment. Now back to Room 101 with you, Winston.

  17. Tanuki Man:

    More like: help ourselves to what's yours.

  18. Matthew Slyfield:

    Why would calling someone and asking them for a ride constitute harassment?

  19. Ike Pigott:


  20. Matthew Slyfield:

    All caps on the internet is generally considered to constitute shouting. It is also considered to be rude.

  21. Ike Pigott:

    Thank you for the etiquette lesson.

    The next time I choose to lampoon those who would use the Power of the State to further their own selfish ends, I will portray them as the caring and benevolent statesmen they wish us to idolize, using sentence case and single spaces after the period.

  22. Matthew Slyfield:

    "The next time I choose to lampoon"

    See, that's part of the problem, no one can tell you are lampooning on the internet.

    "and single spaces after the period."

    Personally, I prefer double spaces, it makes the sentence breaks stand out better.

  23. kurt9:

    How much are rental cars in Vancouver BC? I usually rent a car in my travels, especially if the taxi service is piss-poor.