July 4 Shooters


I wanted to make an appropriate cocktail for our July 4 party, so I tried a red, white, and blue layered drink. The key to all layered drinks is to put the densest material on bottom, followed by the next lighter, and so on. The problem with this kind of flag drink is that most clear liquors tend to be the lightest and thus aren't appropriate for the middle band.

The bottom of this drink is grenadine syrup. The middle is peach schnapps. The top is blue curacao. Unfortunately, both the blue and the red on the first try were too close to the clear such that after about 5 minutes they started bleeding into the clear area. I solved this by adding some honey to the grenadine to make it heavier, and I diluted the blue curacao with water to make it lighter (even a 50:50 dilution did not seem to have much affect on its color). That did the trick.

Typically, one carefully pours each layer over an inverted spoon to keep them from mixing, but I wanted to use these tall thin glasses and a spoon would not fit. After trying several things, I used one of those large 4-6 ounce eyedroppers that are for feeding babies and pets. That worked great.

How do they taste?  Uh, don't they look great!  Actually, they tasted better than I had imagined for a drink concocted of ingredients chosen solely for their color and density.  Tasted sort of like grape juice.


  1. Mole1:

    Dude, it's July 15. Must have been one hell of a party.

  2. Xmas:

    blue curacao and peach schnapps is something all on it's own. (The internet says a "Blue Peach")....

  3. timworstall:

    The technical word here is "pousse-cafe". Why I have no idea but it still sticks with me from having been a bartender decades ago. And there's actually a technical book out there. Can't for the life of me recall the name but it is out there. Giving the relative densities of just about every liquor and syrup. So, obviously, that you can design your colour bands.

    But perhaps with something that tastes OK (for example, a blackberry liquor would give you a blueish colour and might work with the peach and will be light enough)

  4. Orion Henderson:

    Ahh, you said shooter! I needed a trigger warning..jk

  5. morgan.c.frank:

    fwiw, there are a number of fun chemistry sets to make "molecular cocktails". (available on amazon etc)

    this would be a lot easier if you used gel and or foam.

    we got a really cool effect by creating bb sized spheres of chambord and floating them in champagne to make molecular kir royales.

  6. Coyote Little sis:

    I realize I am not as smart as my big brother, but why is this post tagged pets?

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