Not A Fun Read for A Father With a Son at Amherst

We've been pretty happy with the education and experience at Amherst College but it is scary as hell to think anyone at school can ruin your kid's life by basically just pointing a finger at them.  Amherst's version of Kafka's 'The Trial".



  1. mogden:

    The only question that matters is whether he is a man or not. If so, he must pay.

  2. JW:

    I've been reading about this and I'm still holding judgement on the veracity of this story. It's so over the top that my bullshit detector is pinging like mad. I mean, how barking batshit nuts would you have to be to make a ruling like this with a straight face?

  3. J_W_W:

    Well that's the issue isn't it? Judgement is needed here. John Doe deserves his day in court, and a jury, not a tribunal of SJWs, should pass the judgement on this.

    If he does win with real due process being used, I hope he receives a sizable chunk of Amherst's endowment. Universities need to learn that investigating and litigating crimes is meant for the Criminal courts not the Kangaroo courts.

  4. Matthew Slyfield:

    He should get a sizable chunk of the Department of Education's budget too, Since they are working hard to force universities to adopt these kinds of ridiculous processes heavily weighted in the accusers favor.

    Quite frankly, Doe's best bet given what's in the linked article would probably have been to file a counter claim accusing AS of raping him. After all, Amherst concedes he was likely in an alcohol induced blackout at the time of the incident.

  5. jdgalt:

    Forget their budget -- the bureaucrat who wrote that rule should go to prison for violating his Constitutional rights. (A private institution's disciplinary procedures may not be directly subject to the Constitution, but a federal regulation ordering it to adopt them most certainly is.)

  6. Mercury:

    Once again, if enough Amherst male undergraduates openly pledge (on their own or as a condition of their tuition payers) not to date or have sex with undergraduate females while attending Amherst, less bright, well qualified females will choose to go to Amherst which will then be a problem for Amherst.

    I suspect that the sons of elite government officials, celebrities and titans of American business are not now similarly one finger-pointing away from the Kafka treatment while at college/university. Wouldn't that simply be a little too easy for an enterprising co-ed on scholarship? I think we all know that, one way or another, this is simply not the case. So how many people are not cool with that? Perhaps that is another angle of attack.

    It may surprise American college administrators and US central planners to learn that most elite European universities don't give a flying fuck about the social lives of their undergraduates one way or the other.

    Let's see, bloated bureaucracies, sky-high tuitions, lowered standards, the trashing of the Western canon, the MOOC threat and now this. Nice work guys, you've really got the future sewn up tight for yourselves don't you? What could possibly go wrong?

  7. markm:

    That will never happen as long as the "Justice" Department is the only agency who can prosecute a federal official for Constitutional violations.

    And notice how no one even blinked at the "rape" (sex with a drunken person), or the blatant Title IX violation of always holding the man responsible and treating the woman as some delicate flower who can't make decisions for herself.

  8. obloodyhell:

    Has anyone thought of bringing a Title IX (or whatever would apply) lawsuit to this issue alleging unequal treatment under the law?

    Seems like it might be grounds for a class-action suit for a really good John Edwards clone.

  9. Bram:

    I don't think they have ruined his life since they (and you) very soon be paying him millions of dollars in settlement.

    If I was you, I you be furious I I'm funding this crap.

  10. JW:

    Paul Nungesser is doing just that with Columbia, over Emma Sulkowcz's fraud.