My First Novel BMOC Free Through Monday on the Kindle

In honor of an anniversary of sorts for the book, I have done a substantial edit on both the printed and Kindle editions of my first novel "BMOC" and it is now on sale through Monday for the low, low price of $0.

Go and grab a copy.  As John Belushi says in Animal House, Don't cost nothin'

Even if you don't want it, grab a copy for free and pump up my stats so I can impress my kids.


  1. princessnyman:

    On another note: My blog worlds are colliding. I saw you up on Marginal Revolution this morning and now you are on McArdle this afternoon.

  2. afan:

    Neat! I really liked String Theory but am notoriously cheap (sorry, it's not you, it's me), so this is great news :)

  3. Sam P:

    Gah! Rereading the first two chapters almost sucked me in for the whole thing... err.. maybe one more chapter...