Last Chance Today to Get My Novel BMOC for Free

BMOCIn honor of an anniversary of sorts for the book, I have done a substantial edit on both the printed and Kindle editions of my first novel "BMOC" and it is now on sale through Monday for the low, low price of $0.

Go and grab a copy.


  1. NL7:

    Downloaded and enjoying it. Sort of reminds me of the book Big Trouble by Dave Barry (not the movie version), or the movie Get Shorty. Character names strike me as Randian, but I've never actually read any Rand.

  2. Earl Wertheimer:

    Not available in Canada ;-(

  3. Earl Wertheimer:

    Wrote too fast. I have it in the Kindle Cloud reader. thanks

  4. Bill Drissel:

    Great story ... fast pace ... threats against the heroine ... wholesomeness triumphs ... future laid for several sequel paths. Well told. I was afraid it was about a BMOC. It's not. Still needs minor work by copy editor.
    Bill Drissel
    Frisco, TX